Where will the conference take place?

The conference will take place fully online using Gather town (with built-in Zoom sessions). Gather town is a platform that aims to recreate the physical setting of a conference. As you walk your avatar through the online conference building, you will bump into other attendees, and can immediately interact with them through a video connection.

Poster sessions will take place fully on Gather. For the oral and keynote sessions, you can walk into the Oral sessions and Keynote rooms in Gather town, which will automatically connect you to the Zoom meetings.

Sneak preview

The ISBPAC 2021 online venue in Gather is now open for conference attendees. Feel free to explore it at leisure before the conference! You can visit the venue for a sneak preview at any time, using the link you have received via email upon registration.

How does Gather town work?

Gather town is a very easy to use platform:

  1. Log in using the link you will receive via email.
  2. Choose your appearance and name.
  3. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around the map.
  4. Use the “x” key on your keyboard to interact with objects.
  5. Click on your name and use the “Add text status” to indicate your affiliation.
  6. Click on “Turn On Quiet Mode” (Ctrl/cmd + U) if you do not wish to be disturbed by other participants.

How will the poster session take place on Gather?

We aim to recreate an in-person poster experience. Posters are on display in a poster room in Gather town. During the poster sessions, the presenters will be standing by their posters and the audience will be able to walk around the room and interact with poster presenters, either directly talking to them (with microphone and/or camera) or via chat. Every poster will also be equipped with an online document where the audience can leave comments if the presenters are not around.

What else can we do on Gather?

Make sure to walk around the online venue during the breaks to meet other attendees! There are group seating areas where you can sit down to chat, and a game area with a range of fun games for two or more players. We hope that you will have many shared moments at our Gather venue!