The conference will take place fully online using Gather with built-in Zoom sessions.

Instructions for poster presenters:

  1. By Sunday May 30th, send your poster to postersISBPAC[Remove this text]
  2. Your poster (portrait or landscape) should be saved as a png or jpg file.
  3. The file should not be bigger than 3MB.
  4. For portrait posters, the minimum width is 600px (15.88cm) and the minimum height is 1000px (26.46cm).​
  5. For landscape posters, the minimum width is 1000px (26.46cm) and the minimum height is 600px (15.88cm).
  6. Make sure you use a font big enough (minimum 16 points) to ensure others can easily read your poster.
  7. At the time indicated in the program, stand by your poster to interact with others in the Gather town poster room.

Instructions for oral presenters:

  1. By Tuesday June 1st let us know the email address that is connected to the zoom account that you want to use for your oral presentation, via
  2. Oral presentations each have a 15-minute time slot, which includes 10 minutes for the talk and 5 minutes for questions, moderated by a chair.
  3. During your presentation you will share your screen to show your slides. You can use any file type for your slides, and you can play sound files and short videos.
  4. Please access the Zoom link 15 minutes before the start of your oral session to meet your session chair, and to make sure your presentation is working.
  5. You have to sign in with your zoom account (i.e. not anonymously) in order to have access to this ‘practice session’.
  6. (You will get an email notification from zoom confirming that you have access to the ‘practice session’. You can either access the zoom via the link in that email, or by walking into the oral session room in Gather as usual).